Chocolate and Wine:


The news that scientists have uncovered a variety of health benefits associated with dark chocolate has been very enthusiastically received by chocolate lovers everywhere…understandable, given our incredible consumption of the confection!  The health benefits of red wine consumption have long been known, knowledge that was recently revived by the television program, “60 Minutes”, which featured a segment entitled “The French Paradox” in 1991 and four years later with further evidence of the benefits of red wine.  Now, it’s time for chocolate to step into the health spotlight.


Chocolate’s flavonoids (which raise ‘good’ cholesterol levels and serve as potent anti-oxidants), along with serotonin (an anti-depressant), phenylethylamine (a mood elevator), theobromine (a muscle stimulant), caffeine (a stimulant), vitamins A, B1, C, D and E, fluorine, iron, and potassium can actually be good for you.


Both chocolate and wine have been linked to improved heart health and better memory.  Even single doses of high-flavanol dark chocolate has been shown to improve performance on cognitive tests, including memory test, in healthy adults.  Similarly, studies showed that the antioxidant resveratrol, found in the grapes used to produce red wine has a positive effect on the hippocampus, which impacts both memory and mood.


In spite of the benefits, with both chocolate and wine, moderation is important and excessive consumption of either wine or chocolate is not encouraged.  Be a responsible drinker, and a responsible chocolate lover!

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