The natural affinity between dark chocolate and red wine is no secret: restaurants often suggest pairing an after-dinner wine with chocolate desserts, and many desserts themselves incorporate both chocolate and flavors that are often found in red wine, such as berry, mint or coffee.  Indeed, many red wines are described as being “chocolatey” or having cocoa flavors that surface during a thoughtful tasting.


Chocolate is similar to wine in that both are made from a fruit that takes on the characteristics of the soil and climate in which it is grown. Both chocolate and wine can vary dramatically in intensity depending on how it is produced and blended.  Pairing chocolate with wine is both art and science.  In general, the idea is to match the intensity of the wine, with the richness of the chocolate.  A rich, dark chocolate will be naturally more suited to a deep red wine.


The Wine Lover’s Collection was born out of both a formal knowledge of wine as well as informal tastings of wine and chocolate, creating a way for people to more fully experience the subtleties of wine and chocolate.  Two of the most popular pairs that we have are:


1)   Ruby Port with 54% Dark Chocolate

The 54% dark chocolate as a very smooth, sweet quality that pairs perfectly with the light, fruity flavors found in a young Ruby Port.  It exemplifies a classic combination of mildly rich dark chocolate that brings out the essence in all the flavors found in this varietal of wine.


2)   Zinfandel and 72% Dark Chocolate

The 72% dark chocolate has the highest percentage of cocoa in the Wine Lover’s line and matches the very rich essence of Zinfandel.  The moderate tannin levels with the high alcohol content and acidity levels make Zinfandel taste bold and the 72% chocolate brings out those flavors to the fullest.


The most important thing about pairing chocolate and wine, though, is the personal preference of whoever’s enjoying it.  We’d love to hear any about any delicious combinations when you find them!

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