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Wine Lover’s Chocolate® was created to provide connoisseurs of fine wine with the perfect complement to their favorite indulgence.  As the first ever chocolate brand to pair with specific wine varietals, Wine Lover’s Chocolate® started a new trend in wine accessories.  Our chocolate is made from the highest quality cocoa beans gathered and imported from three different continents and selected for consistently superior flavor.  Our exclusive tins are filled with chocolate drops that are the perfect size to melt on your tongue as you enjoy your favorite wine.  We can even private label the tins for special occasions or to fit your brand.  Fine wine and fine chocolate – a perfect partnership.

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Our delicious white chocolate complements the light, fruity quality of many Champagnes and the sweet easy flavors of Muscat wines.
Perfect for an after dinner treat, the 54% Dark Chocolates are a sublime complement to the rich, sweet quality of Port wine.
Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the most popular varietals in the U.S.  Its full bodied nature is a perfect match for these 55% Dark Chocolate drops.
The 56% cocoa blend offers an ideal counterpart for the velvety, complex quality of Pinot Noir.
The lush, fruity characteristics of Merlot are a complete match to the 58% cocoa blend.
The perfect pairing of tastes, the 61% Dark Chocolate balances the spicy, smoky traits associated with Syrah.
Our decadent dark chocolate sublimely complements the tannic and massively structured reds of the Rhone varietal.
To lift up the rich and powerful properties of Zinfandel, the 72% cocoa blend offers a flawless partnership based on pure taste.

The Face Behind the Pairs 


Olivia Lizotte is founder of both Brix22 a California wine export company and Soiree Wines a California wine producer.  She has worked in food and beverage for nearly 20 years.  Her work as an exporter has brought her all over the world and to innumerable international wine shows where she worked closely with Napa Valley Vintners and The Wine Institute.  She has represented some of Napa’s finest wineries internationally and domestically.  Due to her love of wine and travel she has been to wine country in South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.  Her extensive wine knowledge and experience has resulted in her becoming a consultant for wine lists, wine pairings and wine trading.

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Wine Lovers Collection

Delicious chocolates paired with every type of wine varietal.


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We do custom labels on our tins for hundreds of wineries, corporations, retailers, events and special occasions.  With a small quantity commitment, we are able to personalize our labels with your brand, or fully customize them to meet your specifications. By filling out the form below and clicking submit, you agree to being contact by a representative of the company.

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Julianne D. in Portland, Oregon

I am a business owner that has recently started a new business.  I came across Wine Lovers Chocolates® in a lovely metal box from a wine shop.  After seeing the beauty of the box and the incredible chocolates I knew I needed to contact them to look at options of featuring them in our boxes. The end result we got branded tins that beautifully represented our company.   I recommend them and will be utilizing Wine Lovers Chocolate®/San Francisco Chocolate Factory for many more orders.

Mansi A. in San Francisco, California

Looking for chocolates for wine pairing purposes? Wine Lovers Chocolate® is the place! I’ve always purchased their chocolate discs for various types of wines from other retailers, but it was great to be able to go into the shop and check out the entire collection.

Niles C. from Seattle, Washington

What a great way to take your wine tasting to the next level! Even the most discerning palettes will enjoy the robust tastes when pairing the correct chocolate to a wine. It made the discussion for the evening quite lively and we will be continuing to buy into the future!

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